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5 Benefits of Remote IT



If you are looking to facilitate more remote and hybrid work for your business, you may want to look into how a team of remote IT professionals can help benefit you. Not only will the prospect of more work-from-home entice more qualified individuals to work for your company, it can also increase your efficiency and productivity. Let’s look at some of the major ways a remote IT team can benefit your business.

Remote IT Speeds Up Your Work Processes

Having a team that can access your network remotely will allow them to quickly make changes to software and monitor your network. You’d no longer need to call, make an appointment, and wait for their arrival. If you have a quality team, they may already be fixing problems remotely before you are even aware of them.

Remote IT Reduces Costs

Onsite visits can come with a lot of additional costs. Equipment, transportation, downtime, etc. Additional costs for IT mean your business is spending more money. Remote IT can eliminate a lot of the costs associated with IT work while maintaining quality of service.

Remote IT Has More Availability

Remote IT is more likely to be able to respond to problems at all times compared to in-house IT. If you have locations in multiple time zones, you can hire IT professionals that are will be able to cover your needs 24/7, making sure that your business is never alone.

Remote IT Enhances Regular Maintenance

Preventative care and general maintenance are just as important from an IT team as solving problems when they arise. Network monitoring, update installations, antivirus support, data backups and more are all things that your IT team should be handling.

Remote IT Can Grow With Your Business

If you are just starting out but finding that you are expanding faster than expected, a remote IT team will be able to grow with your business more easily. If you are branching out of the town you started in and moving across state or national borders, there are no bottlenecks to stop your IT team from growing with you. The ability for them to work from anywhere will make growing as an organization much easier.


If you are thinking about taking your IT team remote, then you may have questions about where to find professionals that can help your business. At Real, our team of experts can guide you towards a solution that will work for your specific needs. Whether you are just starting out, or you are looking to change old ways, contact us for a solution.