Redefine Your Productivity With Remote Executive Assistants

Experienced. Agile. Business savvy. Equipped to provide critical support from anywhere. If administrative tasks are draining your productivity, then it’s time to discover the power of REAL Remote Executive Assistants.

Remote executive assistants


When you’re running a business, delegation is key. Research confirms it, and so does the day-to-day experience of busy leaders. With REAL EAs, executives gain an indispensable resource that frees up time for their most important responsibilities. Meet your ally in efficiency.

REAL EAs provide crucial day-to-day support for senior leaders. More than just skilled professionals, our EAs are troubleshooters, managers, multitaskers, strategists and “forward thinkers” with an insatiable continuous improvement mindset. Our remote EAs each have a minimum of five years experience, are based in the U.S., have robust technology training and are actively moving the needle for world-class leaders. The result? The dedication and domain expertise of an in-house EA, plus the efficiency and affordability of a remote resource.

Every day, REAL EAs are helping senior leaders tap into the power of delegation. Our executive assistants’ skills redefine the EA role, spanning admin, support and strategy.

REAL EA Capabilities

  • Creating and managing daily task lists
  • Preparing reports, memos and other documents
  • Serving as project manager on key projects
  • Managing expenses
  • Managing calendars
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Opening, sorting, distributing and responding to emails
  • Completing follow-up tasks and communications
  • Scheduling and preparing for meetings, and taking minutes
  • Reading, analyzing and distributing documents
  • Performing office duties such as ordering supplies
  • Executing various organizational tasks to enhance efficiency
  • Using technology platforms and programs to complete administrative tasks (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CRM, etc.)
  • Holding daily or weekly virtual meetings to align on priorities
  • Continually identifying opportunities for enhanced productivity
  • Managing budgets, spearheading onboarding and other strategic tasks
Executive Assistants

What REAL Clients Are Saying

"Just a quick note to let you know how much I am enjoying working with Joanna. She is responsive, easy to work with, and on top of the detail."
-- Foreword Consulting

Our Flexible Remote Work Model

REAL HR helps businesses make the most of their human capital—empowering workforces, simplifying compliance and enhancing efficiency every step of the way. Use our flexible model to rightsize your HR capabilities and maintain flexibility as your organization’s needs evolve.

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