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Amid all the dynamics of modern work, human capital still reigns supreme. Maximize your workforce with REAL HR—the end-to-end partner that delivers the future of work, today.

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A business is only as strong as its people. But to gain and maintain the competitive edge, your human resources strategy must be as dynamic as your workforce itself. Advanced technology. Hybrid work models. Total rewards. Ever-evolving compliance policies. No matter your challenge, trust REAL HR to unlock the full power of your human capital.

From company-wide change management to the smallest HR policy detail, REAL redefines “end-to-end capabilities.” Our experts develop strategies that enhance efficiency from the ground up. We streamline HR operations, empower workforces and optimize the employee lifecycle from recruiting through retirement. But above all, we ensure organizations bring out the best in their workforces—always with efficiency at the forefront. 

REAL HR Capabilities

Whether your organization needs a full HR strategy or expert guidance in a single area, REAL HR provides proven capabilities without the overhead of an in-house team. More than an “outsourcing firm,” REAL is your trusted partner for future-proofed strategies and solutions.

Human Resources

HR Compliance and Policy

(FLSA, EPLI, EEOC, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion)
Wage and hour laws. Medical leave. Diversity, equality and inclusion. Safety mandates. In today’s complex regulatory landscape, human resources teams must also be compliance experts. REAL’s HR professionals stay well-informed about the latest business regulations, reviewing and developing fully compliant policies while our clients focus on their most critical tasks.

Virtual CHRO

More companies than ever are adding Chief Human Resources Officers (CHROs) to their C-suites. REAL’s virtual CHROs deliver all the expertise of a senior HR executive without the overhead of a full-time employee. Every day, our CHROs are identifying efficiencies, advising CEOs on remote work adoption, building corporate culture and more.

Total Rewards (Benefits and Compensation)

Total rewards programs are a key tool for both recruiting talent and motivating current employees. However, crafting the most effective strategy requires specialized expertise and a keen understanding of the benefits and compensation landscape. Partner with REAL HR to develop a customized total rewards program that turbocharges your workforce.

Organizational Development and Strategic Workforce Planning

Businesses don't increase market share by sitting idle. With REAL HR, companies are using smart strategic planning to continually maximize the potential of their workforce and organizational structure alike.


Recruiting is fundamental to any strong workforce. However, securing top talent requires more than just recruiting agencies and the right offer. As candidate expectations increase, successful companies are tapping into what’s next—gaining the edge through a combination of digital tools, savvy benefits packages, remote work flexibility and other proven strategies. Scale the learning curve faster with REAL HR.

HR Technology (Including HRIS and Digital HR)

Digital tools have the potential to unlock significant productivity for busy HR teams. However, harnessing the power of HR technology requires specialized expertise and a productivity mindset. REAL helps companies use HRIS and other tools to their full potential—turning the “digital transformation” buzz into concrete progress.

Strategic Planning

Our HR experts develop customized plans that align human resources with corporate strategy. We leverage our holistic expertise to ensure each plan optimizes the employee lifecycle from recruitment through retirement.

Health and Wellness

An effective wellness program can boost employee productivity, lower healthcare costs and increase attendance. REAL HR works hand-in-hand with organizations to develop customized health and wellness programs that deliver these benefits and more.

Onboarding and Offboarding

Managing the employee lifecycle is one of the most critical, and time-intensive, HR functions. Streamline your onboarding and offboarding processes with REAL HR.

Continuing Education, Training, Development and Coaching

Cultivating internal talent requires both in-depth domain expertise and technology acumen. REAL HR leverages the latest digital tools and strategies to foster continuous learning across an organization.

Mergers and Acquisitions

From employee relations to due diligence, HR is critical to the success of any merger and acquisition. REAL HR is home to seasoned professionals with a track record for navigating the M&A journey from beginning to end. Work with our experts to spearhead employee communications, oversee workforce integration and more.

Change Management

With the rise of offsite work, HR leaders have taken an increasingly central role in employee communications, corporate culture and other aspects of change management. REAL’s organizational change experts help workforces navigate major transitions, keeping employees aligned, productive and empowered every step of the way.

REAL Efficiency

Find a qualified expert quickly, with less “back and forth” and less recruiting time. Use REAL’s end-to-end resources to seamlessly scale your capabilities as your business grows.

REAL Connection

Have peace of mind that the REAL Partner you’ve forged a working relationship with today will be there for you tomorrow—and as your needs grow. Maximize your productivity alongside a partner who works seamlessly with in-house teams and existing resources.

REAL Agility

Use flexible contracts and terms to get the resources you need without the financial overhead and commitment of full-time employment.

REAL Expertise

Trust REAL to provide a deep bench of skilled U.S.-based professionals—the kind proven to deliver value in their area of expertise. Gain a breadth and depth of knowledge nearly impossible to cultivate in-house.

REAL Progress

Adopt virtual strategies today that position your business to thrive in the “new normal” of social distancing and remote work. As you grow, leverage your partnership with REAL to tackle complex projects and challenges—and succeed.

REAL Efficiency

Boost efficiency by focusing on your core competencies while REAL Partners do what they do best. Prioritize essential functions and ensure business continuity as you adjust to market dynamics.

REAL Connection

Pivot to virtual part-time resources without sacrificing the reliability of an in-house team. Foster value-driven relationships with REAL Partners who are dedicated to your business’ needs.

REAL Agility

Use flexible contracts and terms to reduce your roster of full-time employees while still meeting the essential needs of your business and its customers.

REAL Expertise

Tap into REAL’s deep bench of skilled U.S.-based professionals, each with a track record for delivering value in their area of expertise. Gain the knowledge of multiple in-house employees with a single partner.

REAL Progress

Adopt virtual strategies today that reflect the “new normal” of social distancing and remote work. Leverage your partnership with REAL to tackle complex projects and challenges while maintaining a lean organizational structure.

Our Flexible Remote Work Model

REAL HR helps businesses make the most of their human capital—empowering workforces, simplifying compliance and enhancing efficiency every step of the way. Use our flexible model to rightsize your HR capabilities and maintain flexibility as your organization’s needs evolve.

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