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When you’re running a business, IT can feel like a constant challenge. But what if it was your gateway to peak productivity? Discover the end-to-end partner that turns tech into your biggest advantage.



From cybersecurity and data analytics to process automation, technology is the lifeblood of any modern business. It’s also one of the most challenging capabilities to build in-house. As technology advances and the IT space becomes increasingly complex, too many businesses fail to transform tech into their competitive advantage. REAL IT is the solution.

REAL IT delivers all the elements of a world-class information technology strategy. Our REAL Partners are expert technologists, strong communicators and agile collaborators. But they’re also business strategists who seek out every opportunity to deliver measurable value for our clients. By partnering with REAL IT, organizations are making technology a key driver of efficiency and growth. And they’re doing so without sacrificing flexibility.

REAL IT Capabilities

The REAL team is home to seasoned virtual CIOs, application developers, security specialists and other experts who work seamlessly with your full-time resources. Whether you need an ongoing resource or help executing a one-time project, REAL will close your skills gap with the flexibility your business needs to grow and/or rightsize.

Virtual CIO

Does your current cybersecurity strategy truly safeguard your business? Is your technology budget weighed down by solutions and systems that aren’t enhancing your efficiency? From budgeting to strategy, REAL’s Virtual Chief Information Officers (CIO) provide executive-level expertise under a budget-friendly remote work model.

End User Services

IT troubleshooting. Hardware and software setup. Root cause analyses. Every day, our IT experts perform critical end user services to keep businesses running smoothly. We’re equally adept at Mac and PC.

Application Development and/or Management

REAL IT develops custom software applications with one core goal: to identify efficiencies that demonstrate strong ROI. Our seasoned developers can build from the ground floor, but we can also optimize existing apps to meet a business’ needs. Once an app is launched, clients trust us to provide dedicated ongoing support.

Network Administration

REAL’s virtual network administrators take the complication out of maintaining computer infrastructures. Businesses partner with REAL to plan, design, implement and maintain server configurations, routing protocols, network configurations, storage environments and more.


Cybersecurity headlines might make it seem as though only large businesses are in danger of attacks and breaches. However, more than 50% of today’s cyberattacks target small businesses—making security critical for organizations of all sizes. REAL IT is home to seasoned cybersecurity experts who take a proactive approach to mitigating our clients’ risk.

Project Management

Our experts recommend, present, schedule and oversee client IT projects from beginning to end. With REAL IT as your project manager, you can have the confidence that your undertaking is completed on time and to the specifications that unlock maximum value.

REAL Efficiency

Find a qualified expert quickly, with less “back and forth” and less recruiting time. Use REAL’s end-to-end resources to seamlessly scale your capabilities as your business grows.

REAL Connection

Have peace of mind that the REAL Partner you’ve forged a working relationship with today will be there for you tomorrow—and as your needs grow. Maximize your productivity alongside a partner who works seamlessly with in-house teams and existing resources.

REAL Agility

Use flexible contracts and terms to get the resources you need without the financial overhead and commitment of full-time employment.

REAL Expertise

Trust REAL to provide a deep bench of skilled U.S.-based professionals—the kind proven to deliver value in their area of expertise. Gain a breadth and depth of knowledge nearly impossible to cultivate in-house.

REAL Progress

Adopt virtual strategies today that position your business to thrive in the “new normal” of social distancing and remote work. As you grow, leverage your partnership with REAL to tackle complex projects and challenges—and succeed.

REAL Efficiency

Boost efficiency by focusing on your core competencies while REAL Partners do what they do best. Prioritize essential functions and ensure business continuity as you adjust to market dynamics.

REAL Connection

Pivot to virtual part-time resources without sacrificing the reliability of an in-house team. Foster value-driven relationships with REAL Partners who are dedicated to your business’ needs.

REAL Agility

Use flexible contracts and terms to reduce your roster of full-time employees while still meeting the essential needs of your business and its customers.

REAL Expertise

Tap into REAL’s deep bench of skilled U.S.-based professionals, each with a track record for delivering value in their area of expertise. Gain the knowledge of multiple in-house employees with a single partner.

REAL Progress

Adopt virtual strategies today that reflect the “new normal” of social distancing and remote work. Leverage your partnership with REAL to tackle complex projects and challenges while maintaining a lean organizational structure.

Our Flexible Remote Work Model

With REAL IT, your IT strategy is in safe, knowledgeable hands. And because our partners are based in the U.S., we ensure time zones never get in the way of your progress. Explore the flexible model that’s “rightsizing” IT for organizations nationwide.

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