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Productivity in its DNA

From our senior leadership to our partners, REAL is driven by a shared vision for elevating remote work. We’re serious about maximizing your value, minimizing your inefficiencies and helping you experience real productivity.

Our Story

The novel coronavirus has transformed the way that Americans live and work. But even before social distancing and “stay at home” mandates accelerated the shift to remote work, the evolution was already taking place. In 2019, more than 26 million Americans telecommuted at least part of the time. More than 50% of working adults prefer working remotely and hope to do so after the pandemic ends. Meanwhile, studies have found that remote workers are often 30% to 40% more productive than ones who work from an office environment. But as the data continues to prove the effectiveness of remote work, there’s another side to the coin: leaders and organizations need the right partner to make “remote” work for them. REAL is that partner.

REAL was founded by a team of Oklahoma City entrepreneurs and executives passionate about helping businesses rightsize their remote workforce. We know what it’s like to run a business in the current landscape. We’ve experienced the productivity-boosting benefits of remote Executive Assistants and the scalability of using trusted partners in areas like IT and HR. And we also know that today’s professionals are seeking the same flexibility as employers. After speaking with countless businesses and workers about the need for a flexible, remote model, we created it.

Today, REAL Partners are delivering value for clients across EA, IT and HR. Our customers are maximizing their efficiency and productivity with a model “rightsized” for their needs. And our REAL Partners are contributing to fulfilling projects without the burden of daily commutes and full-time schedules that take away from time with their families. As the workforce continues to shift, REAL is guided by the same five values that compelled us to launch our company in the early days of the pandemic.

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REAL Efficiency

An insatiable drive to bridge gaps, anticipate challenges, solve critical problems and, ultimately, enhance productivity for businesses at every stage of growth

REAL Connection

Raising the benchmark for “remote” and “outsourced” teams by fostering meaningful, productive relationships with each client

REAL Agility

An inherent flexibility that helps executives and organizations get the job done right, regardless of market dynamics or business challenges

REAL Expertise

A skilled team home to professionals with proven expertise in the domains most critical to business success

REAL Progress

A future-minded approach that delivers value today while equipping businesses and leaders with the remote strategies essential to succeeding tomorrow

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Our REAL Partners

REAL Partners are the core of our company, and we treat them like family. They come to us ready to experience the flexibility of part-time remote work. We give them rigorous remote work training and high-quality assignments for clients who value them just as much as we do. Through our flexible remote work model, REAL Partners spend more being productive and less time commuting to an office. And when they’ve finished a satisfying workday, they have more time for family, friends and other experiences that refuel them for what’s next.

REAL Partners are bright, driven professionals with an insatiable appetite for spotting efficiencies. Individually, our partners bring proven experience in their domain of expertise. Collectively, they deliver a breadth and depth of business acumen only possible with REAL. If you’re an experienced professional, located in the U.S. and passionate about productivity, we want to hear from you.

Telecommuting increases job satisfaction and performance (and reduces work-related stress).

Gallup polls are confirming the benefits of remote work. At REAL, we help you reap them. Perform meaningful work that challenges you professionally during the day. Then, maximize your free time by cutting out your commute.

Remote Teams. REAL Results. Start Today.