Minimize Overhead and Maximize Efficiency With REAL ENERGY 360

In today’s low-margin oilfield, there’s no time for inefficiency and no room for overhead. Eliminate both with REAL ENERGY 360: the end-to-end support solution for oil and gas pioneers.



Energy companies are facing an unprecedented market dynamic. With the appetite for overhead dwindling, financial leaders must find new ways to save money without sacrificing core capabilities. At the same time, the modern workforce has shifted drastically—a development that presents both challenges and opportunities for the road ahead. At REAL, we’re oil and gas veterans. But we’re also innovators in the remote work space. After countless discussions with our energy industry colleagues, we tapped into this dual expertise to deliver a solution tailor-made for the moment: REAL ENERGY 360.

REAL ENERGY 360 is the end-to-end support solution for energy companies serious about maximizing efficiency and minimizing overhead. Our domain experts deliver proven capabilities in all the areas critical to your organization—from digital transformation and land management to finance, human resources and information technology. And we do it all with a flexible remote model that does more with less. Replace the inefficient multi-vendor approach of the past. Reduce your overhead and optimize your productivity. Gain critical support from a dedicated, U.S.-based team. Make “remote” work for your organization with REAL ENERGY 360.

Real Energy 360 Capabilites

Strategic Advisory

REAL’s actionable insights help our clients optimize critical processes and policies. We leverage proven domain expertise to guide organizations through change, ensuring they leverage automation, data integration and other future-proof strategies to their full potential. More than consultants, we’re efficiency-minded partners ready to implement processes that give energy companies the edge.

  • Project Management
  • Data Integration and Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Process Automation
  • Environmental Excellence
  • Supply Chain

Operations Management and Digital Transformation

REAL’s energy operations experts help world-class companies achieve peak performance. By integrating proven technology with your existing operations, we expedite the path to measurable ROI. Count on REAL to identify processes ripe for optimization—and implement key improvements that drive efficiency.

  • Technology 
  • Digital Strategy
  • Process Optimization
  • Software Selection and Implementation 
  • Well Automation

Land Management and Division Orders

Without land management, there is no E&P. But as the energy market evolves and budgets tighten, more organizations are looking to land management as a source for reduced expenditures. REAL’s land management team clears the way to E&P through a full-service, cost-saving approach. From land databases and owner negotiations to key division order services, our experts deliver all the value of an in-house landman team without the overhead. 

  • Land Database and Property Title Research
  • Owner Relations
  • Title
  • Division of Interest
  • Assignment Review and Preparation
  • Document Conversions
  • Right of Way
  • Ongoing Land Management or Project-Based Support


From strategy and compliance to IPO readiness, REAL’s experts bring expert-level knowledge of oil and gas finance. We know the energy industry. We know finance, and we know remote work productivity. By bringing together these areas of domain expertise, REAL helps oil and gas companies optimize their value in any market dynamic.

  • Business Finance 
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Management Reporting and Analysis
  • Finance Strategy
  • IPO/Day-One Readiness
  • Operational Finance
  • Fixed Assets
  • Record to Report
  • Reporting and Compliance Solutions
  • Joint Interest Billing (JIB)
  • Accounts Payable (AP)


REAL’s finance team has an in-depth understanding of oil and gas accounting issues—the kind of knowledge that can only come from real industry experience. From tax strategy to day-to-day accounting functions, REAL ENERGY 360 works efficiently with internal teams to solve every challenge. Partner with REAL for a single project requiring specialized expertise, or trust us to execute all your day-to-day functions while your in-house resources focus on other key tasks.

  • Accounts Payable Processing
  • Maintaining Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Balance Sheet Reconciliations
  • AFE Tracking and Variance Reporting
  • Payroll Accounting 
  • Audit Assistance

Information Technology (IT)

Gone are the days of IT in a silo. Leading energy companies are integrating information technology into their business strategies, leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and drive measurable ROI. Whether you lack a comprehensive IT strategy or are spending too much time on tech troubleshooting, our experts deliver proven capabilities with a partnership mindset. Do you need an expert to align IT with your bottom line? Every day, REAL’s Chief Information Officers (CIOs) deliver executive-level expertise for energy companies looking to “rightsize” their C suite.

  • Virtual CIO
  • End User Support
  • Design /Security
  • Information Integration
  • Custom Applications and Application Management
  • Project Management
  • IT Training

Human Resources (HR)

With the rise of technology and remote work, energy industry leaders are rethinking the human resources strategies of the past. REAL leverages the latest and greatest HR practices to unlock the full power of a company’s human capital. Partner with our experts to streamline compliance, modernize your benefits programs and implement other strategies that enhance your workforce productivity. 

  • Onboarding and Off-boarding
  • Employee Procedure Creation and Management
  • Benefits, Health and Wellness
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Compliance Management
  • Management Training


The laws governing the energy industry law are incredibly complex, with significant ramifications for organizations large and small. Navigating this terrain requires a combination of unmatched legal expertise, in-depth domain knowledge and sharp ingenuity. REAL’s licensed legal professionals provide valuable, sound counsel for energy industry companies at every stage of growth.

Supply Chain

REAL ENERGY 360 provides critical supply chain solutions for energy organizations seeking enhanced efficiency and streamlined costs. Let our experts handle every detail of supplier and vender negotiations, inventory and shipping while your in-house team focuses on what it does best. We also offer customized fleet management solutions fueled by an efficiency mindset.

  • Office Supply Management 
  • Supplier and Vendor Evaluation
  • Supplier and Vendor Contract Negotiation
  • Inventory Management and Optimization 
  • Shipping and Transportation Management (Including Price Negotiations)
  • Fleet Management

Executive Support, Administration & Logistics

REAL’s executive assistants provide critical day-to-day support for senior energy leaders. More than just skilled professionals, our EAs are managers, business strategists and self-starters with a continuous improvement mindset. With our executive support and administration solutions, senior leaders tap into the power of delegation—freeing up time for their highest and best use.

  • Creating and managing daily task lists
  • Preparing reports, memos and other documents
  • Managing expenses and calendars
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Opening, sorting, distributing and responding to emails
  • Completing follow-up tasks and communications
  • Scheduling and preparing for meetings, and taking minutes
  • Reading, analyzing and distributing documents
  • Performing office duties such as ordering supplies
  • Executing various organizational tasks to enhance efficiency
  • Using technology platforms and programs to complete administrative tasks (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CRM, etc.)

Our Flexible Remote Work Model

REAL HR helps businesses make the most of their human capital—empowering workforces, simplifying compliance and enhancing efficiency every step of the way. Use our flexible model to rightsize your HR capabilities and maintain flexibility as your organization’s needs evolve.

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