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REAL Launches End-to-End Remote Team Solutions


REAL 360 Provides Critical Support for Efficiency-Minded Businesses;
REAL ENERGY 360 Helps Oil & Gas Companies Reduce Overhead, Optimize Costs


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, June 17, 2021—First came COVID-19 and the accelerated shift to remote work. Then came the rise of virtual collaboration and hybrid models. Now, as a record number of workers resign and hiring wars heat up, organizations are navigating another challenge: building highly-skilled teams without increasing costs. As this next phase unfolds, Remote Enterprise Administration Logistics (REAL) is raising the bar yet again with two just-announced hybrid work solutions: REAL 360 and REAL ENERGY 360.

“With REAL 360, we’re delivering end-to-end remote teams for businesses that need proven support capabilities with less overhead,” said Tim Denny, REAL co-founder and CEO. “REAL ENERGY 360 provides these same core benefits but is customized to the unique needs of the energy sector.”

REAL’s leadership team is home to experts with decades of administrative and energy industry experience. The team drew from these dual specializations to develop its bundled solutions, Denny said. Key features of REAL 360 and REAL ENERGY 360 include:

  • REAL 360: A U.S.-based hybrid team of “A Players” in critical support areas including information technology, human resources, finance, supply chain, accounting, legal, real estate, marketing and office administration.
  • REAL ENERGY 360: A U.S.-based hybrid team with proven domain expertise in strategic advisory, operations management, digital transformation, land management and division orders, finance, accounting, legal, IT, HR, supply chain, and executive support, administration and logistics.

With the launch of its bundled solutions, the Oklahoma-based company has expanded its offering to include both individual partners and turnkey teams. Paired with its flexible pricing model, these solutions provide even more options for organizations seeking customized hybrid work strategies.

“As REAL continues to grow, we’re still driven by the same focus that compelled us to launch amid the global pandemic,” Denny said. “Businesses need a trusted partner to help them develop remote work strategies that enhance productivity and optimize costs.”

About REAL

REAL was founded by a team of Oklahoma City entrepreneurs and executives passionate about helping businesses rightsize their remote workforce. A leading remote solutions partner, REAL provides engaged, U.S.-based IT experts, HR professionals and seasoned executive assistants, as well as end-to-end support teams through REAL 360. Every day, businesses trust REAL’s flexible model and seasoned professionals to maximize efficiency and unlock productivity.