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Should I Hire a Remote Executive Assistant?

Executive Assistants help you juggle your everyday work life.

Do you ever feel like you are juggling every aspect of your life? Between the meetings, emails, employee management, and home life, the juggle can become overwhelming. Executive assistants are invaluable to leaders and managers. From scheduling meetings and phone calls, to supervising staff and preparing reports, they provide crucial day-to-day support leaders need to successfully juggle their busy days. In short, a skilled EA can help make your life and workload manageable.

Experienced EAs are managers, multitaskers, strategists, and innovators. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and in written, are expected when hiring an EA. Answering phone calls, forging relationships, drafting letters and emails, and jotting down minutes from meetings are all areas where an EA’s ability to communicate is key. A remote or hybrid EA can do everything an in-office assistant can do with the added benefit of work schedule agility. You rely on your EA for nearly every aspect of your day-to-day. So when the weather is bad, or another wave of coronavirus or the flu circulates, you can trust that your remote EA will have the tools and resources to stay safe and productive.

Just like every executive is unique, so too is every executive assistant. Getting to know their personal strengths and allowing them to familiarize your work processes will create the foundations for a long-term working relationship. Clear lines of communication with not only yourself, but the rest of your team, will help facilitate growth and understanding for your and your business’ specific needs. Finally, the tools that you use for remote collaboration are key to creating a good working relationship. Project management software, online schedules, video conferencing programs, and other tools should all be discussed with your assistant in order to make both of your lives easier. 

At Real, we can help pair you with an executive assistant that has experience working remotely, is based in the United States, and has at least 5 years experience with helping executives, and comes with the affordability of a remote resource. For information about how you can connect with a Real Executive Assistant, visit our website, email us, or give us a call at (405) 252-1105.