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Three Workplace Trends in 2022

Graphic image of workplace trends in 2022

The past two years have brought upon more changes in the home and workplace than we’ve seen in the past 20 years. Even just three years ago, many workers had never used Zoom and the concept of hybrid work was frowned upon in many industries. Today we look to the future of workplace trends and offer some insight regarding what trend to expect in the coming year. 

1) Equity in the hybrid workplace. 

With hybrid work cementing itself into normalcy for American offices, it will be important for organizations to maintain fairness amongst their employees. Questions such as, “Is access to hybrid work equal for all employees?”, “Is compensation adjusted for remote workers that are in an area with a higher or lower cost of living?”, and “Are employees who come to the office going to be favored for promotions and raises?” are likely to be heard if you are an organization that is hiring in 2022. It will be important for hiring managers to be able to answer these questions, but it will be essential for organizations to follow through with any promises made. As 2021 showed us, many American workers are no longer shying away from quitting. 

2) Wellness as a method of understanding employees. 

Many organizations will be adding new metrics to assess employees in 2022. New measures may analyze the financial, physical, and mental health of employees. It should go without saying that employees who are happy, healthy, and not struggling to make ends meet will be able to better focus on the work they need to complete. In an age where data and metrics are paramount for organizations of all sizes, these metrics will help to predict productivity and will help to retain employees. 

3) Automation and the effect on management. 

Many of the tasks that are required of managers will continue to be automated. This will give companies a choice as to whether or not they need fewer managers, or if they should rethink management roles. Given the content of the first two trends, many organizations will consider having their managers focus much more on tending the human relationships in the workplace. Managers serve as the connecting liaison between employee and employer. This connection is especially important  for remote/hybrid employees. Having managers that are able to foster strong relationships with employees will be paramount for organizations that are adapting to the modern working environment. 


As we continue to navigate rapidly changing workplace norms, we are optimistic that the great hardships we’ve all encountered are ultimately the stepping stones to a brighter future in the workplace. The challenges we’ve faced have allowed us to reexamine the way we have always done business, and find new ways to improve employee morale and increase productivity.