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Top Tools for Efficient Remote Work

Top Tools for Remote Work

When working in a hybrid office that accommodates both in person and remote employees, fostering communication and collaboration is essential. Several tools are at the disposal of organizations that can help them to keep dialogue open and information flowing. 


The Cloud

Cloud-based documents such as Google Sheets/Docs/Slides, Microsoft 365 allow coworkers to collaborate on projects. Many services are free or low-cost, and easy to use. They allow multiple people to edit documents simultaneously, post notes for easy feedback and questions, and suggest edits. 


Chat Spaces

Just as you might pop-into an employee’s office for a check-in, professional communication services such as Microsoft Teams, Slack and Google Chat, create spaces for organizations to converse while on the clock. They offer the ability to create channels that can be used for specific departments, projects, subjects, and internal organizations. Some allow calling and text chat. It’s even possible to update your calendars with meetings and reminders for what work needs to be done. 



Automated project management tools such as Clickup and Smartsheets are a handy way to keep track of everything that needs to be done. With the ability to divide tasks into groups, sort by deadline, completion status, and whether or not other tasks are dependent, staying on top of what needs to be done is made easy. Features that allow work to be assigned to specific team members also make it easier to determine who is in charge of doing what. 



Virtual Proxy Networks or VPNs, encrypt data and allow employees to connect to internal networks when off-site. They allow workers to connect to your network through the internet with the same level of security as if they were wired directly to the modems in your office. VPNs also allow employers to determine who has access to what. Not every employee is going to need access to your entire network and a VPN will allow you to pick and choose who can see what. 

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