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Why We Founded REAL

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A global pandemic might not seem like the ideal time to launch a new venture. But like you, we’ve spent the better part of 2020 navigating the monumental shift in the business landscape. As we took a hard look at our own organizations, we spoke to all the entrepreneurs and executives we knew across Oklahoma City. Many spoke about the need for resources that would help them “rightsize.” Most expressed interest in embracing a remote workforce, but nearly all lacked a partner to help them make it a reality. Meanwhile, the executives in our network voiced another unfilled need: for a remote executive assistant who provides the kind of dynamic support that no technology platform can replicate.

Our conversations with fellow entrepreneurs and executives made us realize that there was a gap between the reality and the remote working models they were eager to embrace. But it wasn’t until we spoke with job-seekers that the full picture emerged. Qualified professionals were seeking the same flexible working arrangement as businesses and executives. The right mode could deliver clear benefits for both, especially in the uncertainty of the COVID-19 era. But to ease the transition and maximize their value, both businesses and professionals needed the right partner. Out of that need, Remote Enterprise Administrative Logistics (REAL) was born.

Our company’s name reflects our expertise in providing top-notch remote partners, and critical guidance, for businesses and executives embracing telecommuting work models. But the name you’ll see us use most, the acronym REAL, reflects our true ethos. At REAL, we help world-class clients experience a different kind of remote team: one that delivers the domain expertise and dedication of an in-house employee, plus the flexibility and efficiency of a part-time, off-site resource. Our REAL Partners offer a true human connection, proving that remote working arrangements don’t have to come at the expense of true collaboration. And our leadership team is committed to helping clients embrace the right kind of remote work model for their goals: a fully remote team, a dedicated remote executive assistant, an ongoing or project-based resource, or a hybrid strategy in which our REAL Partners supplement the capabilities of in-house employees. No matter your model, we make “remote” work for you. Productivity, efficiency, connection and profitability are in our DNA.

As you navigate your next steps, take a moment to think about what more productivity would mean for you. If you’re an executive, what could you accomplish with an extra free hour in your day? If you’re a manager, what would happen if you replaced office distractions with true engagement? And how would your business benefit tomorrow if you embraced the future of remote work productivity now, as we enter Q4 of an unprecedented year?

We’re in the midst of a monumental shift in how businesses and leaders operate. You deserve a partner who’s in your corner, helping you accomplish more with less. That’s why we launched REAL: for executives seeking the best remote EAs, for businesses in need of remote IT and HR expertise, and for professionals ready to experience the benefits of the flexible, work from home model. We’re more than just a resource; we’re a partner that knows productivity shouldn’t have to come at the expense of flexibility.

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